History of the Mohawk Warrior flag: a legacy of lawlessness

Warrior flag w/masked native, Caledonia, 2006Some native militants have claimed the Mohawk Warrior flag is merely a benign ‘Unity Flag’ of peace with no sinister intent or symbolism behind its use, despite a long and highly visible association with extreme violence, intimidation and criminal activity in places like Oka, Akwasasne and Caledonia.

Not only is this claim highly dubious on its surface, the birth of the Mohawk Warrior flag flag in violence and criminality has been well documented in a Masters thesis by a Concordia University student named Kahente Horn-Miller who “…is Bear Clan Kanienkehaka and lives near Montreal Canada on the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory…”

Horn-Miller’s mother Kahn-Tineta Horn – as she notes in the Acknowledgements section (page iv) – was a “Warrior during the Oka crisis”:

  • Concordia University, Kahente Horn-Miller Master of Arts thesis, August 2003: The Emergence of the Mohawk Warrior Flag [PDF, 238p; accessed May 31/11, if no longer available – contact Mark Vandermaas for copy: info@caledoniavictimsproject.ca]
  • Concordia University, May 12/09: Bio – Kahente Horn-Miller [PDF]

‘The Emergence of the Mohawk Warrior Flag: a symbol of Indigenous unification and impetus to assertion of identiy and rights commencing in the Kanienkehaka community of Kahnawake’ [PDF, 238p]

[p86-88 (PDF p94-96)]

2007 Stirling subdivision occupation, Caledonia, site of attack on Sam Gualtieri (below). Warrior flag visible beside sign in centre of photo. Early on in the research process it became apparent that there was more than one flag. In fact there are two flags. One is known as the Unity flag which stems from its creation in the context of the assertion of sovereignty in the early seventies with the establishement of the Independent North American State of Ganienkeh. The second flag is known as the Kahnawake Warrior Flag or Mohawk Flag which emerged at another time of assertion of sovereignty in the late 1980’s. […]

In May 1974, a group of Kanienkehaka seized a 612-acre former summer camp for girls at Moss Lake in upstate New York and claimed it as sovereign Kanienkehaka territory. They named this new terroritory Ganienkeh. […] After some shooting incidents where two-non-native citizens and a nine year old girl were injured, New York State…negotiated with the Kanienkehaka for their removal from the original site [of Ganienkeh].

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JOINT NEWS RELEASE re High Park, Toronto protest Saturday, May 28th

PROTEST COVERAGE (includes many great photos):

Caledonia Victims Project. Click the image to find out about the dancer.

CANACE logo   

(references following) 

– Joint News Release by CANACE and the Caledonia Victims Project –  

City of Toronto approves racially segregated park land [PDF

CANACE, founded by Gary McHale, and the Caledonia Victims Project, founded by Mark Vandermaas, are holding an Information Rally in High Park in Toronto on May 28, 2011 in order to inform the public about the dangers to public safety regarding the ongoing illegal occupation of High Park by Native protesters. The illegal occupation in High Park is being conducted under the banner of Six Nations and Mohawk warriors. 

The City of Toronto has already decided to fence off the park land where Native protesters have stated they will continue to use the land at will. There is little doubt non-Natives will be banned from the area in order to appease the protesters. 

All who have read Christie Blatchford’s book Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed All of Us are aware of the victimization of Haldimand residents by a small minority of Native extremists, and how government appeasement victimized innocent people. The public needs to be aware that these so-called peaceful occupations can lead to serious violence once governments refuse to uphold the Rule of Law. 

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Caledonia: Was the Conservative Party of Canada friend or foe to victims?

Excerpt from
‘Caledonia: An Illegal Peacekeeping Mission on Canadian Soil’
[PDF, 11p]; PowerPoint presentation [PPT, 22.5MB]
presented by Mark Vandermaas,
Delhi Belgian Club, April 14/11

110414 Conservatives Against Racism townhall, Delhi Belgian Club, April 14/11. Clockwise from lower left: Mark Vandermaas, Merlyn Kinrade, Doug Fleming, Gary McHale. Photo by Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer[…] I would like to preface my final set of remarks by saying that I have voted for the Conservative Party all my adult life. In fact, the only party I have ever been a member of was the Reform Party under Preston Manning.

As someone who has volunteered four and a half years of my life to working towards ending race-based policing in Ontario and as someone who holds conservative values I am compelled to ask a question during this election:

What were Diane Finley and the Harper government doing while the Ontario government was undermining Canada’s Charter of Rights and our precious rule of law during the past 5 years?


This picture from Gary McHale’s 2006 March for Freedom shows a resident carrying a sign that was posted around Caledonia to convey the sentiments about their MP’s lack of interest. It says, “Has anyone seen Diane Finley?”

Diane Finley has brushed off Doug Fleming’s attempts to meet with her to discuss the blight of illegal smokeshacks in his community. She has so far rejected our attempts to set up a meeting to talk about Caledonia issues.

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ELECTION TOWNHALL MEETING (Haldimand-Norfolk): Delhi Belgian Club, April 14


Thursday, April 14th at 7pm
Delhi Belgian Club
360 James Street, Delhi N4B 2B4 [MAP]

Hosted by: Conservatives Against Racism

– Keynote Speakers –

Gary McHale
President, CANACE
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality
Report on lawlessness and failure of government to help victims of crime

Mark Vandermaas
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project
Report on illegal peacekeeping mission on Canadian soil and failure to honour signed U.N. agreements re the Rule of Law

Doug Fleming
Owner ‘Dougs Smokes’
Report on illegal tobacco and current RCMP stats


Law & Order

Helping Victims of Crime – in particular, the residents of Caledonia

Illegal Tobacco 

Candidates have been invited to attend and to speak to issues

The format of this event will be that we will do a 75 minute presentation, then allow each candidate 6 minutes to say anything they want to the public (of course, we encourage each candidate to speak to the issues raised in our presentation). We will then have a Q&A time. Candidates are encourage to bring their material to hand out. There will be a time for people to meet with the Candidates after the Q&A – event ends at 10 p.m.

Gary McHale, info@canace.ca 289.286.0423

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OPP watch as native occupiers destroy Reconciliation/Apology monument, then burn Canadian flag

March 27/11 - Native occupiers of Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia burn our Truth & Reconciliation/Apology monument and our Canadian flag within minutes of attacking us - all while OPP officers watched

Our recent Truth and Reconciliation rally held on Sunday, March 27/11 proves that the OPP still – after five years – will not protect the rights or property of non-natives in Caledonia.

OPP officers watched as the Douglas Creek Estates occupiers swarmed and assaulted us, destroyed and stole our Truth & Reconciliation/Apology monument, and then burnt it along with our Canadian flag. The clearly visible side, partially obscured by the flag, says ‘ONTARIO APOLOGY.’ The other side, which is barely visible in the flames, says, ‘EQUALITY FOR ALL.’

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‘Caledonia: No More Nightmares’ presentation notes & videos now available

March 22/11: Free Thinking Film Society & International Free Press Society bring Caledonia to OttawaSpeaker presentation notes and videos shown to the audience during our March 22/11 presentation of ‘Caledonia: No More Nightmares‘ in Ottawa are now available at a new feature page at the HelplessByBlatchford project.

Blogger/videographer ‘Vlad Tepes’ videotaped the event and has posted a 15 min video based on my presentation related to the national security aspects of Caledonia.

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Caledonia Players: Anti-Israel Organizations

Niagara Palestine Association  

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (McMaster University)

  • McMaster University, March 09/08: The Politics of Six Nations-Palestinian Alliances in Caledonia (conference program) [CVP DOWNLOAD – incl transcript of SPHR speaker Jamila Ghaddar: PDF] (Speakers: Mona Hewaydi (Cdn Arab Federation); Jamila Ghaddar (Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights); Rick Monture (Six Nations activist) 
    Excerpts from transcript of Jamila Ghaddar (Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights) presentation:

    SPHR [Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights] members, two weeks after the sacred fire was first built [at start of DCE occupation], went as a delegation with other members of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement from Toronto to join that sacred fire, that simple stand.”  […] 
    “That dual consciousness became one on the night that SPHR [Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights] members listened to Dr. [???] speak, an indigenous fighter and a great, learned man stood on our university campus and he said, I quote: ““A victory for the American Indians of Palestine is a victory for the Palestinians of North America, and a victory for the Palestinians of North America is a victory for the American Indians of Palestine.” End quote. “These words floated in the air, in our minds, in our lives for years. And one day they became a material force in this world when SPHR [Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights] and other solidarity organizations joined the struggle with the Haudenosaunee at the reclamation site.” […]   
    “On April 20, 2006, without notice, at 4 am, the Canadian state launched a full scale military invasion against 100 or so people. They came w/hundreds of troops and thousands in backup at the Hamilton Airport and here, on campus, at McMaster.They came with helicopters equipped with machine guns and snipers hidden in trees. They flooded the site with tear gas and pepper spray. They beat and tasered unarmed Haudenosaunee. SVHR [Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights] members stood watching the madness of the Canadian state unleashed. And for those of us who had lived under military occupation in our own home countries one simple thought overwhelmed us: this looks like home. That day what illusions we had left about Canada a calm, moderate, reasonable, democratic system based on the rule of a just law, what illusions we had disappeared for us. […]
    CVP NOTE: The Canadian Forces have never been involved in any aspect of the Caledonia crisis either before or after the April 20/06 raid. In fact, on May 03/06 the Ontario Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Monte Kwinter sent a letter to the occupation leadership advising that he was NOT asking for assistance from the Canadian Forces. See also – Haldimand Council, May 23/06: Minutes of in-camera meeting re attack on power station, decision not to ask for military protection. [PDF]
    One of the proudest moments in the lives of McMaster SPHR [Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights] and my life and the Palestinian Solidarity Movement was the day that the Palestinian flag was raised over the reclamation site. That day the Niagara Palestinian Association along with the Haudenosaunee people, hoisted and raised the Palestinian flag alongside the flags of the Haudenosaunee, of various other countries, of unions and many organizations. In the months following, through cold and moments of exhaustion and worry we would raise our eyes to the swaying of the flags and think, we are one, and the winds carry our colours together from Jerusalem to the Grand River.”  
  •  Toronto Observer, Feb 27/08: Protestors take Palestinian ‘spirit of resistance’ to the streets [PDF] (Jamila Ghaddar, McMaster Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, speaks at anti-Israel protest in Toronto organized by ‘Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid.’) 
Canadian Arab Federation 
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Ann Coulter, Iranium and now…’CALEDONIA: NO MORE NIGHTMARES’

UPDATE: See our presentations & videos on our new feature page at HelplessByBlatchford.ca: No More Nightmares.

The people who brought Ann Coulter and Iranium to Canada – the Free Thinking Film Society and the International Free Press Society – now bring Caledonia to Ottawa…

– Click image for ticket details –

'Caledonia: No More Nightmares,' March 22/11, Ottawa. Click image for ticket information.

Caledonia: No More Nightmares
March 22, 2011
Library & Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0N4

Admission: $20 (includes HST), $10.00 for students/ seniors
Compact Music, 785 1/2 Bank Street, Ottawa 
Compact Music, 190 Bank Street, Ottawa 
Ottawa Festivals, 47 William Street, Ottawa 

Tickets will also be available at the door.
Tickets are also available on line.

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Ernie Palmer

Ernie Palmer went through the nightmare of being threatened and coerced into permitting an illegal smokeshack to be placed on his private property by Steve Powless.

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Canadian Civil Liberties Association closes door on Caledonia civil rights abuses

Crying -  ashamed


In reply to a joint request by CANACE and the Caledonia Victims Project, the Canadian Civil Liberties (CCLA) has, once again, refused to even consider meeting to discuss the civil rights abuses in Caledonia, and has made it clear it has no intention of addressing the issue at all.

Here are our most recent communications with the CCLA, followed by a complete list of references related to our many unsuccessful attempts to persuade the CCLA to assist Caledonia’s victims…

1. CANACE/CVP LETTER TO CCLA, Mar 01/11  (via email & fax) [PDF]

March 01, 2011                                                                   BY FAX & EMAIL

Canadian Civil Liberties Association
506-360 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M5S 1X1
t: 416.363.0321 f: 416.861.1291

Dear CCLA: 

Beginning in early 2007 I contacted your office on a number of occasions seeking your assistance with the civil rights abuses in Caledonia associated with racial policing practices of the OPP, but you were, unfortunately, unable to assist us at that time. 

As you undoubtedly know, award-winning author Christie Blatchford’s 2010 book, Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, And How The Law Failed All of Us, has completely vindicated allegations that the Ontario Provincial Police were following orders not to enforce the rule of law in Caledonia and were, indeed, conducting policing by race to the utter detriment of non-native citizens with no lawful authority. 

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