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History of the Mohawk Warrior flag: a legacy of lawlessness

Some native militants have claimed the Mohawk Warrior flag is merely a benign ‘Unity Flag’ of peace with no sinister intent or symbolism behind its use, despite a long and highly visible association with extreme violence, intimidation and criminal activity in places like Oka, Akwasasne and … Continue reading

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JOINT NEWS RELEASE re High Park, Toronto protest Saturday, May 28th

PROTEST COVERAGE (includes many great photos): Caledonia Victims Project feature: History of the Mohawk Warrior flag: a legacy of lawlessness (quotes thesis written by native student whose mother was a “Warrior at Oka” – documents the history of how the Warrior … Continue reading

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OPP watch as native occupiers destroy Reconciliation/Apology monument, then burn Canadian flag

Our recent Truth and Reconciliation rally held on Sunday, March 27/11 proves that the OPP still – after five years – will not protect the rights or property of non-natives in Caledonia. OPP officers watched as the Douglas Creek Estates … Continue reading

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Ernie Palmer

Ernie Palmer went through the nightmare of being threatened and coerced into permitting an illegal smokeshack to be placed on his private property by Steve Powless.

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UoW pseudo-leftists create “surge” in HELPLESS sales publisher reports

Despite the shameful assault on freedom of speech and academic freedom represented by the character assassination, and intimidation that resulted in the cancellation of Christie Blatchford’s speech at the the University of Waterloo on Nov 12/10, the controversy has achieved … Continue reading

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Feds gave native supremacist magazine $1.2M w/recommendation for more in 2010/2011

UPDATE – July 10/13: Ezra Levant/SUN News: Government-sponsored eco-terror [VIDEO, 13:19] (based on evidence supplied by Gary & Christine McHale, including this story and the follow-up.) UPDATE – July 03/10: Gary McHale sent CSIS an email w/links to this story … Continue reading

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