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Caledonia: what went wrong? Where do we go from here?

No one should assume that Caledonia is all wrapped up with a nice bow because the Caledonia Class Action suit has been settled. Even though the government was forced to write a cheque it can ill afford (politically and financially) … Continue reading

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Caledonia’s unsung hero: Class Action lawyer John Findlay

UPDATE: Caledonia Victims Project, July 15/11: TorSun Founder Peter Worthington quotes CVP founder as he hammers ‘journalistic negligence’ & ‘defacto’ suspension of Charter, Police Services Act protection for Caledonia victims [LINK] UPDATED July 09/11 — One of Caledonia’s greatest unsung heroes walked … Continue reading

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Caledonia: Was the Conservative Party of Canada friend or foe to victims?

Excerpt from ‘Caledonia: An Illegal Peacekeeping Mission on Canadian Soil’ [PDF, 11p]; PowerPoint presentation [PPT, 22.5MB] presented by Mark Vandermaas, Delhi Belgian Club, April 14/11 […] I would like to preface my final set of remarks by saying that I … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter, Iranium and now…’CALEDONIA: NO MORE NIGHTMARES’

UPDATE: See our presentations & videos on our new feature page at No More Nightmares. ——————– The people who brought Ann Coulter and Iranium to Canada – the Free Thinking Film Society and the International Free Press Society – now … Continue reading

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Ernie Palmer

Ernie Palmer went through the nightmare of being threatened and coerced into permitting an illegal smokeshack to be placed on his private property by Steve Powless.

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Queen’s Park ‘Truth & Reconciliation’ news conference

News Conference: ‘Truth & Reconciliation’ Rally in Caledonia Queen’s Park Media Studio, Feb 23/11  Presenters Gary McHale: Introduction [PDF] Merlyn Kinrade: ‘Six Nations Must Apologize’ [PDF] Mark Vandermaas: ‘Healing in the Absence of Justice’ [PDF] Gary McHale: ‘Will the OPP & McGuinty Government Aid … Continue reading

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Political interference with Caledonia policing by Ontario government

UPDATED Feb 19/11 1. ‘MISFEASANCE OF PUBLIC OFFICE’ A. Key Negotiation Documents Key Negotiation Documents, 2006: [PDF, 43p, 29.5MB] Includes May 02/06 Six Nations website screen capture showing demands that gov’t intervene to drop criminal charges & promise not to call … Continue reading

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Western Standard: “one victim Julian Fantino did not have the courage to meet”

From the Western Standard: Julian and the Victims “I have never had any tolerance whatsoever for crime, to begin with. And also, I have never been able to overlook the victimization that’s involved.” […] I don’t know how Julian Fantino … Continue reading

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National Post’s Barbara Kay: Caledonia “terrorized…with racist (anti-white) police complicity”

The National Post’s Barbara Kay recently included the treatment of Caledonia residents at the hands of the OPP in a column about recent abuses of power by police. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the first time a … Continue reading

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McHale, Vandermaas discuss Caledonia on ‘Just Right’ show, CHRW 94.9FM at University of Western Ontario

On Dec 09/10 Gary McHale and I appeared for a full hour on the ‘Just Right‘ show hosted by Bob Metz and Robert Vaughan on CHRW 94.9 FM at the University of Western Ontario in London where we discussed the Caledonia … Continue reading

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