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McHales do it again: Haldimand Council votes to dismantle Caledonia blockade

UPDATES: Hamilton Spectator, June 25/14: Six Nations warns removing blockade will disrupt peace SUN News Network, June 25/14: Native band opposes removal of long-controversial Caledonia blockade SUN News, June 25/14: Blockade to break in Caledonia? (Pat Bolland interview with Gary McHale) SUN News, June … Continue reading

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Coming soon — VICTORY IN THE NO-GO ZONE: Winning The Fight Against Two Tier Policing, by Gary McHale

You shared the agony of Caledonia’s victims with Christie Blatchford’s best-selling Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare Of Fear And Anarchy, And How The Law Failed All Of Us. Now…read VICTORY IN THE NO-GO ZONE, Gary McHale’s account of how a small group of Canadian patriots … Continue reading

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One Law For All — Illegal Peacekeeping Missions on Canadian Soil…And How To End Them

UPDATES: AM1290 Talk Radio, London, ON, Jan 17/13: Andy Oudman interview w/OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis, then Mark Vandermaas, Caledonia Victims Project re Ipperwash Inquiry failures & Ontario’s illegal peacekeeping missions [AUDIO] ILLEGAL PEACEKEEPING MISSIONS ON CANADIAN SOIL AND HOW TO END … Continue reading

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TorSun founder Worthington hammers ‘journalistic negligence’ & ‘defacto’ suspension of Charter, Police Services Act protection for Caledonia victims

The good news re Caledonia keeps coming. I received a call from a Caledonia resident yesterday who excitedly informed me that Peter Worthington had written a column that mentioned the Caledonia Victims Project, and which included several quotes from my writings (links & … Continue reading

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Thank you note to Senator Bob Runciman: FIRST to denounce Ipperwash Inquiry ‘peacekeeping’ recommendations

SENT VIA EMAIL (some links have been added to body text)… ————————————- July 13, 2011 . Office of The Honourable Senator Bob Runciman 351 East Block Ottawa, ON K1A 0A4 . Dear Senator Runciman: . As a former UN peacekeeper … Continue reading

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Caledonia: what went wrong? Where do we go from here?

No one should assume that Caledonia is all wrapped up with a nice bow because the Caledonia Class Action suit has been settled. Even though the government was forced to write a cheque it can ill afford (politically and financially) … Continue reading

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Caledonia milestone: DCE occupiers & OPP respect rights of non-natives during Truth & Reconciliation Rally

“I believe the greatest reason the OPP both acknowledged our Charter Rights and then protected them this past Sunday was because we have maintained a clear message of Equality under the Law for all people, that the Rule of Law … Continue reading

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