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– Joint News Release by CANACE and the Caledonia Victims Project –  

City of Toronto approves racially segregated park land [PDF

CANACE, founded by Gary McHale, and the Caledonia Victims Project, founded by Mark Vandermaas, are holding an Information Rally in High Park in Toronto on May 28, 2011 in order to inform the public about the dangers to public safety regarding the ongoing illegal occupation of High Park by Native protesters. The illegal occupation in High Park is being conducted under the banner of Six Nations and Mohawk warriors. 

The City of Toronto has already decided to fence off the park land where Native protesters have stated they will continue to use the land at will. There is little doubt non-Natives will be banned from the area in order to appease the protesters. 

All who have read Christie Blatchford’s book Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed All of Us are aware of the victimization of Haldimand residents by a small minority of Native extremists, and how government appeasement victimized innocent people. The public needs to be aware that these so-called peaceful occupations can lead to serious violence once governments refuse to uphold the Rule of Law. 

It was Six Nations protesters and Mohawk warriors who engaged in countless criminal acts including: attempted murder of an OPP officer; destruction of the power station; burning down a bridge; digging up the highway; setting tire fires and other fires; and the injuring of police officers and residents. Several court rulings against Native protesters over the past five years have not altered their view that criminal behaviour will be rewarded in Ontario. 

In all democratic societies, when people have a dispute over land, property or even burial grounds, they take their issue to court. We, as a society, reject people using self-help instead of the court to resolve issues. The fact that governments at all levels immediately pander to the illegal actions of Native protesters only encourages further illegal actions – it begins with an occupation, then escalates to intimidation, then mischief, then violence. At every stage governments continue to tell the public that appeasement is the only answer. 

The public must insist that all citizens are equal under the law and have equal benefit of the law. We cannot forget the lessons we should have learned from Caledonia – appeasement only leads to more violence. Government appeasement ensures the rights of all non-Natives will be suppressed by authorities as they attempt to appease Native protesters. 

We will gather in High Park on Saturday May 28, 2011 at 2 p.m. by the [Grenadier] Restaurant. We will begin with speeches and hand out literature. We will then march down towards the illegal occupation and – in keeping with the new City of Toronto policy – post signs declaring “No Whites Allowed,” “No Jews Allowed,” “No Blacks Allowed.” Literature will be handed out to local home owners about the danger near their homes.  

Our purpose is to reach out to local groups with a message of hope – that the Rule of Law will be established as we demand equality for all. All groups must use the courts – not illegal actions – to address their disputes. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in his 1963 ‘Letter From Birmingham Jail,’ spoke of the importance of confronting uncomfortable truths in bringing about the healing of the deep wounds of racism: 

“Actually, we who engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension. We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive. We bring it out in the open, where it can be seen and dealt with. Like a boil that can never be cured so long as it is covered up but must be opened with all its ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must be exposed, with all the tension its exposure creates, to the light of human conscience and the air of national opinion before it can be cured.”

We call upon the people of Ontario and especially those who have read Christie Blatchford’s Helpless to join us in High Park and march with us in the best traditions of Dr. King to bring an end to illegal occupations where governments refuse to uphold the Rule of Law and choose the path of appeasement.

In Caledonia, the occupation started with just 3 people and was allowed to continue even after the court ordered the occupiers off the property. The occupiers rejected the Rule of Law and increased their numbers while governments and police stood by and allowed criminal behaviour to escalate. History proves that the road of appeasement leads to violence. 

Mayor Rob Ford should be ashamed that he has chosen to follow McGuinty’s path of appeasement instead of upholding the law. Once again, it is the ‘ordinary’ citizen that is the last line of defence against politicians who prefer to legalize occupations instead of upholding the law. 

Mr. Harrison Friesen, leader of Red Power United (link to website), supports the use of violence and created a video showing his group’s involvement in G8/G20 violence last year in Toronto (link to video) including the burning of the police car. Mr. Friesen has previously called for the illegal blockage of major highways and railway lines and threatened violence if police attempt to enforce the law [link to National Post article]. 

Criminal action cannot be rewarded and that is exactly what is happening in High Park. 

Gary McHale, Executive Director
CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality)

Mark Vandermaas, Founder
Caledonia Victims Project

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One law for natives, another for non-natives 

“…the law in Haldimand County operates as the law in America’s Deep South once worked, where there was one law for the white man, who could break it with impunity, and another for the black man. In Haldimand County, since the occupation began, there has been one law for natives and another for non-natives.”  

Mark Vandermaas, Founder
Caledonia Victims Project

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I am founder of Israel Truth Week, and I'm the 'Liberate Israel Training Guy.' I train pro-Israel advocates in how to use Israel's land title deed-the Mandate For Palestine-as a powerful moral narrative to counter the false 'occupation' vilification. Also, founder of and the Caledonia Victims Project.
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