Caledonia Players: Jim Windle

  1. Editor, Tekawennake News
  2. Founder, pro-occupation TRUE (Two Row Understanding through Education) organization


  • Tekawennake News Op-Ed series, Gary McHale, Mark Vandermaas, Merlyn Kinrade, Doug Fleming, July 14-21/10: Healing Two Communities [PDF, 7p] (out of court settlement w/Teka after Windle published false allegations of white supremacist associations)
  • Brantford Expositor, March 15/10: Unions, natives united in opposing city plan [PDF] (Windle, TRUE, Tom Keefer & FNSWG working together)
  • VoiceofCanada, Jan 03/10: CNO confirms Six Nations RPN disciplined for past patient abuse (re Windle accusation vs. Mark Vandermaas of making false allegations vs. Teka employee Timothy Sywyk
  • Mark Vandermaas submission to Dr. Francis Widdowson, Aug 03/10: Response to Jim Windle allegations of “totally fabricated” stories by ‘New Directions in Aboriginal Policy’ forum presenters Vandermaas & McHale [PDF, 12p]
  • CUPE 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group, Nov 15/09: Report of the CUPE 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group to the 2009 AGM (TRUE rec’d $ from Freedonia anarchist organization through CUPE 3903; TRUE cooperation w/FNSWG) NOTE: Contact Mark Vandermaas, for PDF copy of this report: 

“The Brantford group, known as the Two Row Understanding through Education (TRUE) has organized regular meetings on a wide Friday of educational events in Brantford that are geared to educating the local non-native population about the real issues behind the lamp. These events have included talks about the local residential school, environmental issues, the history of land claims in Brantford area, and media representations of the conflict. Working group members have been involved in organizational and planning meetings of TRUE and have also attended and spoken at TRUE public events.

“In the spring of 2008, the working group applied for and received a $3000 grant from the anarchist Freedonia foundation to support antiracist organizing and non-native communities surrounding Six Nations. So far, $1000 of that grant has been disbursed to TRUE to help cover the cost of their public events while the other $2000 will be spent in 2009. To date, TRUE has held over a dozen events, with the average attendance at meetings being between 100 and 200 people.”

About Mark Vandermaas

I am founder of Israel Truth Week, and I'm the 'Liberate Israel Training Guy.' I train pro-Israel advocates in how to use Israel's land title deed-the Mandate For Palestine-as a powerful moral narrative to counter the false 'occupation' vilification. Also, founder of and the Caledonia Victims Project.
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