JOINT NEWS RELEASE: McGuinty targets McHale’s Group for Arrest

Joint Press Release by CANACE and Caledonia Victims Project – Feb 25, 2011

 McGuinty Targets McHale’s Group for Arrest [PDF]

090712 THE END OF THE BEGINNING! Final flag victory CaledoniaIn a recent meeting with the OPP regarding the Truth and Reconciliation Rally this Sunday in Caledonia at 1 pm outside the Caledonia Lion’s Hall, Gary McHale was informed that the OPP have received instructions to arrest any member of McHale’s group who walks onto DCE. This is at the request of the property owner which is Dalton McGuinty.

The Ontario Government wrote a letter to Supt. Cain yesterday to instruct him to enforce the law. However, the letter also instructed the OPP that the Native Occupiers and their associates were permitted to use DCE.

While Christie Blatchford’s book provides a mountain of evidence to show how the OPP were wilfully targeting Gary McHale for arrest it is not until now that the OPP has admitted that the Government has also instructed the OPP to target McHale’s Group.

There is little doubt that if McHale supported McGuinty’s racist approach to policing in Caledonia that he too would be allowed on DCE. The issue cannot be that McGuinty is concerned about allowing people on DCE where violence may occur since hundreds of incidents have occurred by the occupiers over the past five years.

Therefore, the ban on McHale’s Group is simply McGuinty’s way of banning someone from provincially owned and taxpayer paid for land based on their Race and Political views. 

In a letter to Mr. McGuinty sent today, the government was informed that a lawsuit will be filed based on a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by limiting access to provincial property due to one’s political views and one’s race. According to the law, the government must be allowed 60 days to resolve the issue prior to any lawsuit being filed. McGuinty has been served his 60 day notice.

Gary McHale, Executive Director
CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality)

Mark Vandermaas, Founder
Caledonia Victims Project

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  • JOINT NEWS RELEASE, Feb 25/11: McGuinty Targets McHale’s Group for Arrest [PDF]
  • McHale letter to Premier McGuinty, Feb 25/11: 60 day notice re Charter action [PDF]


CVP Comment

The McGuinty government hounded the PC Party’s Mike Harris for allegedly ordering that natives be removed from Ipperwash Provincial Park yet, Premier McGuinty is now ordering that non-natives be kept out of provincial land. Please see the CVP feature, ‘Political interference with Caledonia Policing‘ above for more details about the shocking interference in policing by members of the McGuinty government.

From our Feb 23/11 news conference at Queen’s Park:

Mark Vandermaas, with the Caledonia Victims Project, said it was equally important that the Six Nations group acknowledge how the dispute has left lingering effects on the community of Caledonia. ”If you drive down the street in Caledonia today, you are probably not going to see anything burning, but that doesn’t mean there’s justice in Caledonia,” he said. 

Clearly, there still is little justice in Caledonia for non-natives. Nothing has changed.

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