Message for federal Conservatives: Fantino as candidate = slap in the face to Caledonia victims

UPDATE: Launch of Conservatives Against Fantino website.

My message to the federal Conservative Party regarding the possibility that former OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino may seek the nomination for the party. 

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 Sept 17/10  

Dear Conservative Party of Canada:
1. I am writing to you as a lifelong Conservative supporter who gave up my career as a real estate broker 4 years ago to work full time as a volunteer trying to stop violence and OPP racial policing in Caledonia. I am the founder of the Caledonia Victims Project and editor of You can view my Caledonia ‘resume’ here:

HELPLESS: Caledonia's Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed All of Us, by Christie Blatchford, release date Oct 26/10The story of Caledonia (and our work in speaking out for its victims) will be told in Christie Blatchford’s upcoming book, HELPLESS: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed All of Us which will be released Oct 26/10. You can read more about it here: 

2. I recently became aware of a National Post story (Tories eye Fantino to break Liberal hold on Toronto, Sept 02/10 [REPRINT]) suggesting that Julian Fantino may run as a candidate for the federal PCs. I can only hope this is not true, but if it is, I would like to make you aware of some salient facts:   Are you aware that Fantino has been one of the central figures in enforcing racial policing in Caledonia/Haldimand County, and in abusing his authority to try to silence those of us who spoke out? 

Are you aware that he once faced a criminal charge of Influencing Municipal Official for intimidating Haldimand Council? 

Are you aware that two of his most senior officers faced Obstructing Justice charges when they followed his orders – at the outset of an investigation – to get my associate Gary McHale charged with a criminal offence and not to “get bogged down with legal nuances” in order to do it?   

Are you aware that the Liberal government was aware of Obstructing Justice and Influencing Municipal Official allegations against Fantino and his officers since as early as May 2008 – yet dismissed all charges once they were certified by the Court, refusing to appoint an independent Crown?   Gary McHale in hospital after swarming attack led by Clyde Powless, Dec 01/07

Are you aware that Fantino wrote a letter of reference for the native man who led the unprovoked swarming attack that put Mr. McHale in the hospital, a man who also assaulted OPP officers?

Are you aware that when officers notified Fantino of their intent to charge this man with assaulting police the charge disappeared within 1 hour.  

Are you aware that one of Fantino’s own officers has already confirmed, through court testimony, the existence of racial policing in Caledonia? 

Are you aware that Fantino testified under oath that he supported one of his sergeants who was filmed saying that Land Title deeds are not sufficient proof of ownership for law enforcement purposes during a land claim? 

Fantino shares joke with Clyde Powless (assaults on McHale & OPP officers) & Floyd Montour (leader of illegal occupations), May23/08 Are you aware that Fantino was later filmed sharing a joke with the man who assaulted Mr. McHale and his officers, but that he later refused the Mayor’s request to meet with some of Caledonia’s most aggrieved non-native victims?  

I assure you that this is a short list of Fantino’s ‘contributions’ to Caledonia, and you can see documentary proof for some of my statements below: Please contact me for further evidence if you decide to take this matter seriously:

3. Julian Fantino as a PC candidate would be a slap in the face to every victim in Haldimand County who has suffered under his policies – policies which were fully sanctioned by the Ontario Liberals who renewed his contract.  

4. May I suggest that before the PC’s get too far down the road to nominating Julian Fantino as their candidate that you wait for Christie Blatchford’s book to arrive (Oct 26th) and read it carefully. In the meantime, I and my colleagues would be pleased to provide whatever evidence you need to support our allegations regarding Fantino’s conduct in Caledonia and the officers under his command.   

For important background info, I would suggest that you review some of the key reports available on this page at the Caledonia Victims Project site:    

5. I will be sending a copy of this message to Diane Finley and other PC members – provincial and federal – and publishing it online. I beg you to please take the time to review the evidence before nominating Julian Fantino. Please feel free to call me any time, day or night.Regards, 

Mark Vandermaas
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project
Editor, VoiceofCanada 


Additional References 

I didn’t want to overwhelm the Conservative Party with documentation, but here are some other links to supporting evidence that provide an illuminating peek into Fantino’s Caledonia career:   

VoC Comment 

If the Conservatives run Fantino as a candidate, they will be no different than McGuinty appointing Fantino’s #2 guy Chris Lewis as Commissioner after he was charged with Obstructing Justice.  Hopefully, the CPC will take this very seriously and do some due diligence before they nominate a guy who played such a central role in Caledonia’s misery.  I can think of a number of people who might be inclined to organize protests in the riding to draw national media attention if they don’t. 

1. Canada is on track for being a military/police dictatorship and not a proportionally representative democracy!
2. Fantino always was a politician. But law and order, example Caledonia and others, HA! I would have thought the chief would be a liability with his track record.
3. Julian Fantino….just another reason why this long time Tory supporter won’t be voting Conservative until Harper, Day and the rest of this group are gone from the Canadian political scene.
4. Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino says he intends to strongly defend himself against an allegation that he illegally influenced elected officials in Caledonia, Ont., the site of a long-running aboriginal occupation.

A summons was issued Friday against Fantino on one count of influencing or attempting to influence municipal officials — a legal step required before charges could be officially laid and court dates set.


Law-and-order, who does harper think he’s kidding?

Considering Harper, McGuinty and Fantino botch the native stand-off in Caledonia I see no reason to vote for any of them. They collectively tried to blame one another and have essentially told natives that there is a two-tier justice system in Canada (if you’re a non-native the law applies fully; if you’re a native you don’t have to worry)

VoC Comment update
If the Prime Minister truly was trying to convince Julian Fantino to run it means he does not understand the extent of Fantino’s abuses of power in Caledonia, or he does know and is putting politics ahead of the innocent people his party has ignored for four years. Neither scenario is encouraging. As a long time Conservative supporter I am very troubled.
Mark Vandermaas
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project  

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