Canadian Civil Liberties Association hypocrisy astounding re G20 vs. Caledonia

The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations: abuses of civil rights ignored by Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

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Message returned by Canadian Civil Liberties Association search engine for ‘Caledonia’

Canadian Civil Liberties Association re Caledonia

(UPDATED July 08/10) I first began begging the Canadian Civil Liberties Association for help on behalf of Caledonia’s victims in early 2007 beginning with a phone call and email after we were arrested for trying to raise a Canadian flag in December 2006. Sadly, they simply refused to respond to my requests, even after I drove from London to Toronto to personally deliver a draft copy of The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations report which detailed the horrors of racial policing and the violence aided and abetted by OPP officers who refused to act against native rioters.

  • CANACE report, Dec 2007: The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations [PDF, 101p]

Despite my repeated attempts to get the organization interested in Caledonia’s plight, it wasn’t until I published my frustrations on VoiceofCanada and urged residents to contact the CCLA that they finally responded:

[…] “As you may know, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is primarily a law reform organization working to entrench fundamental civil liberties in Canada’s legal system. While the Association engages in a wide range of public interest advocacy work in defence of fundamental freedoms, we do not generally perform investigations or provide legal advice or services to members of the public; indeed, we are not in a position to do so. On the whole, when critical issues are at stake, people are advised to approach a lawyer or legal aid clinic in their community. Generally, such services may be reached by contacting directory assistance, the provincial or territorial law society, or through an Internet search.” […] 

In other words, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association simply wasn’t interested in victims of native violence and the systemic racial policing in Caledonia that allowed it to escalate.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association re G20 in Toronto

Contrary to their utter lack of concern for the non-native victims in Caledonia and activists the Canadian Civil Liberties Association rolled up its sleeves to make sure the left-wing activists and the anarchists had someone on their side to take up their cause during the week of the G20 summit. They discovered that – contrary to their assertion when I begged for help for Caledonia – they were indeed willing and able to aggressively investigate and protect civil rights abuses after all (emphasis added by VoC):

TORONTO – The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) will be releasing its preliminary report on G20 policing on Tuesday, June 29. A press conference will be held on the lawn of Queen’s Park South, in front of the Ontario Legislative Assembly, at 10:30AM. Nathalie Des Rosiers, general counsel for CCLA, will introduce the report and present CCLA’s preliminary conclusions on police conduct during the G20 Summit.

The CCLA dispatched over 60 human rights monitors to G-20 related rallies and demonstrations throughout the week. Human rights monitors served as neutral and independent observers, recording police conduct and respect for constitutional liberties during those events. The CCLA’s preliminary report catalogues our observations of the most serious breaches of constitutional liberties during the past week and the incidents of police uses of force that appeared most troubling or unjustified.

In addition to Ms. Des Rosiers, the CCLA will also make available individuals whose liberties were directly impacted by police conduct over the past weekend. These individuals will provide a first-hand account of their experiences and be available for questions from the media. They will include Dr. Hanna Booth, whose home was subjected to a mistaken night-time raid by police, Mr. Rob Kittredge, a lawyer who was subjected to a search under the Public Works Protection Act and was detained at Queen and Spadina on Sunday evening, and a CCLA human rights monitor who was arrested and held at the detention centre for over 18 hours. 

If you type the word ‘Caledonia’ into the search engine on the Canadian Civil Liberties Association website the system returns this message – after four years of police & government abuses of power: “Not Found – Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.” Type ‘G20’ into the same engine and exactly 13 articles will be returned detailing press conferences, monitoring, reports, legal actions and alleged victims of police mistreatment:

  • Canadian Civil Liberties Association website search results: Caledonia
  • Canadian Civil Liberties Association website search results: G20

Comment: Canadian Civil Liberties Association silent on illegal peacekeeping mission on Canadian soil

One would think that when the OPP and Ontario government started talking about how they were conducting a ‘peacekeeping’ mission in Caledonia the alarm bells and red flashing lights would have gone on at the office of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association who should have been the first to ask questions such as:

  • Why did Canadian citizens in Caledonia require a ‘peacekeeping’ mission?
  • Who has the authority to authorize a peacekeeping mission on Canadian soil?
  • What is the legal authority for a provincial government to use a ‘peacekeeping’ mission to diminish non-native Charter rights and protection under its own Police Services Act for non-natives during a land claim dispute?
  • Were OPP officers indeed under orders to identify the race of lawbreakers and conduct themselves differently whether the person of interest was native or non-native as residents, activists and the Mayor of Haldimand and its MPP claimed? (Court testimony would later prove, indeed, they were.)

Why didn’t they ask these vital questions? In my opinion, Caledonia’s victims were – and still are – expendable to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association because police were abusing their authority in order to appease a minority group who were terrorizing people with white skin. Can anyone doubt that if white thugs were attacking and intimidating native people and depriving them of their property without due process while police stood guard under the pretext of conducting a ‘peacekeeping’ mission, and police were arresting native people merely for walking down the street with a flag the CCLA would have shown some interest?

The hypocrisy of turning two blind eyes to Caledonia’s innocent victims of native thuggery and systemic police abuses while going all out for alleged victims of Toronto police trying to protect dignitaries and the city itself from left-wing protesters and anarchists is both astounding and despicable. 

Christie Blatchford indirectly captured the CCLA’s extreme double-standard/double-blind-eyes in the final paragraph of her ‘random thoughts on the G20…’ piece:

Finally, how amusing it is to see Toronto, press and public alike, whip themselves into a frenzy of outrage over alleged police inaction and then alleged police overreaction, when all of this, in terms even more stark, happened in Caledonia, Ont., from 2006 onwards, and no one gave a fig.


Mark Vandermaas, Founder
Caledonia Victims Project


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