CUPE now supporting illegal smokeshacks in Caledonia



UPDATED 1600 April 14/10 — On Sunday April 11/10 Caledonia resident Doug Fleming held another protest against the blight of illegal smokeshacks in his town which sell unregulated tobacco products – sometimes contaminated with insect and rodent feces – to anyone willing to pay, including children. The protest was held at the ‘Plank Road 1 Stop’ smoke shop located at the intersection of Argyle Street and the Highway #6 Caledonia by-pass. The operator of the shack built it illegally on property belonging to Hydro One and the police have refused to shut it down.   

This protest was the latest in Fleming’s campaign to shut the illegal businesses down. In fact, it was at this very smokeshack where Six Nations residents repeatedly assaulted police and Caledonia protesters on Dec 01/07, and then fabricated false allegations of assault against Gary McHale.    

During that protest Fleming came to the aid of McHale by tackling the Six Nations man who led the swarming attack that put McHale in hospital. Another man, Jeff Parkinson, was thrown to the ground during the melee and suffered a brain injury after being knocked unconscious.   

Organized crime & terror groups benefiting from illegal tobacco sales to children   

“The sale of illegal tobacco products often benefits criminal organizations. The profits are used to: finance drug trafficing in Canada; purchase illegal weapons; and fund other illicit activities. These activities affect the safety and security of our communities and our children.”   

RCMP brochure: Illegal Tobacco: what YOU should know [PDF]   

CUPE now supporting illegal smokeshacks in Caledonia   

Tom Keefer (blue hat), CUPE 3903, is interviewed by Turtle Island News reporters, April 11/10 at CUPE counterprotest to Doug Fleming protest vs. illegal smokeshacks.

While Doug Fleming and other Caledonia residents were on one side of Argyle Street opposing the sale of illegal tobacco members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) were standing in solidarity with the native operators in support of their ‘right’ to sell unregulated/illegal tobacco to whomever they please.

“The counter-protest group, which is affiliated with the CUPE 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group, was there to show support and solidarity with Six Nations and gathered in front of the Plank Road 1 Stop Smoke Shop. “We’re here in opposition to Doug Fleming’s protester,” said spokesperson Tom Keefer. “We don’t see this as an issue about a particular smokeshop, rather it’s an issue about sovereignty for Six Nations.”

Turtle Island News, April 14/10: Controversial rallies staged in Caledonia losing their voice    

Tom Keefer is an extreme right wing radical unionist with CUPE 3903 which – with the assistance of anarchists, anti-Israel and terror group sympathizers – has directly assisted native militants in Caledonia and Brantford since approximately May 2006. These include the organized crime group Mohawk Warriors and the Haudenosaunee Men’s Fire which a Superior Court judge ruled was engaged in Extortion, Intimidation, Nuisance, Trespass and Inducing Breach of Contract.   

Tom Keefer, CUPE 3903, defends sale of illegal tobacco by natives, April 11/10.

Tom Keefer of CUPE 3903, spokesperson for illegal smokeshop operator in Caledonia, April 11/10.

Keefer is perhaps best known for laying out a plan for economic warfare against the City of Brantford in order to force the government to create areas free of Canadian law which they euphemistically call, ‘aboriginal sovereignty.’    

Why is the Canadian Union of Public Employees involved in supporting illegal tobacco, organized crime, terror groups, and the violence and destruction against innocents in Caledonia and Brantford?    

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) members counter-protest against Caledonia residents upset over illegal smokeshacks selling cigarettes to the town's children.

The longstanding involvement of the Canadian Union of Public Employees in supporting and participating in the attacks on Caledonia and Brantford by ad hoc native crime groups (that, according to Six Nations Councillor Helen Miller, do not speak for the community) and now, the support for illegal tobacco which in turn supports organized crime, terror groups, and youth smoking is most troubling.    

The use of children (photo below, and video) in support of illegal smokeshacks is even more so.  

Exploiting children in support of illegal smokeshops selling illegal tobacco to children.
Exploiting children in support of illegal smokeshops selling illegal tobacco to children.

One cannot help but wonder why the leadership of CUPE in Ottawa is permitting such activities by its locals. As a former union member and NDP supporter I am apalled at the direct involvement of this union in criminal activities and/or supporting them.

The Caledonia Victims Project is in the process of preparing a detailed report on the activities of CUPE in supporting lawlessness in Caledonia and Brantford.  

Caledonia residents speak out against illegal tobacco – again   


Mark Vandermaas, founder
Caledonia Victims Project


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